Sunday, September 5, 2010

i'm thinkin what right for my life .. no more MISS UNDERSTANDING !

O M G ,I wanna move school right now !
hate being here without no one noticed ..
little upset with my bestfriend behaviour ..
O M G ,
My parent gonna go to MEKAH and leave alone ..
i must take care of my sister ..
how sad am i ..
i'm gonna cry everynight miss my beloved parent ..
i don't want you guys go ..
i'm happy my abah and mak menunaikan rukun haji yg telah ditetapkan ..
i love you abah and mak !
O M G ,
Finally i can drive !
that totally be great in my life ..
i love you abah ..
thanks because you teach me drive only in 3 days ..
that so awasome !

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