Tuesday, September 28, 2010

19102010 the day i never forget !

the date getting closer ,,
truly i'm not ready yet ,,
movin school after all my problem gettin closer to solve ,,
make me feel soo awful !
now i don't understand what i feel ,,
i feel sad , happy , moody , suck !
i crying alot !
how come i wanna life without my mak and abah !
who can yelling at me every day !
mum don't go !
i'm worried !
abah don't go !
who want backup me after this !
who gonna pujuk me !
i love you guy soo much !
since i know you guy can go to MEKAH !
i always feel wanna cry !
everytime ,, seriusly ..
even i always not doing what you guy want but now ,,
i feel it !
please go and back to me safely ,,
promise me that !
i love you guys !

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