Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramadhan cames to my life with happy heart , smile and blessed !

        waa ,, ta sangke daa puase laa .. haha .. problems datang bertimbun but akuu watt taa kesaa jerr .. haha .. hopefully this year aku taa cutii lame .. malass naa gantii laa .. exam bulanan next week derr .. haha akuu still wat derk jer and taa studyy seriusly ..
       for the boy that make my life in trouble every second ! stop making my life complicated ! you are not invited in my life anymoree .. stop pretending that you love me but the thruth is you playful on me ! you think i'm stupid ? well you must stop think that way because you just like a piece of trash for me ! still hope i'm gonna back to you ? sorry the person you think like that is not me ! please try again next year !
       waa bulan nie ngan bulan depan masyukk giler .. duit raye marii !! haha .. nyway please pray for me to get the thruth happiness ! love you bestfriend .. waa imyn , fyka , and fya ! i miss you freakin like hell you know ! remember me always dear !

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